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I appreciate your interest in the Stone Law Firm. I am trial attorney Wesley Stone. My practice of law focuses on civil and criminal law cases. I am ready to work with you. Read the reviews here to see what other clients say about working with Stone Law Firm.

By: Deloris Debby on Stone Law Firm

Outstanding Lawyer

Mr. Stone is an outstanding lawyer. Will go far and above to help you as he did me. I highly recommend him. Helped me through a difficult situation and then got a expungement in the case. No lawyer could have worked harder. He has my undying gratitude

By: Taylor on Stone Law Firm

Great Attorney

Mr. Stone helped me with two different cases for criminal defense. He was understanding and helpful with difficult matters which he handled efficiently and effectively. He obtained the results that I wanted and I fully trust him to handle any matters in the future. I highly recommend Mr. Stone.

By: Shelley on Stone Law Firm

Honored to have met Mr. Stone

Mr. Stone truly amazed me. He not only fought a great fight for us in the court room, and won. He stood beside us even after our trial. He made sure we were safe, and that we understood exactly what went on. He treated us with the utmost respect, and was very personable. I felt like he was a true friend when we left that day. There will be absolutely no doubt in the future who I will call to represent me. It will definitely be Mr. Stone. No questions asked.

By: Daniel A. Herrera on Stone Law Firm

Wesley Stone is one of the best in the practice of law. Wesley deeply cares about his clients and works tirelessly for them. If you’re looking for a GREAT lawyer, Wesley is the man for you.

By: Robert on Stone Law Firm

Best there is best there was best there ever will be

One of the best lawyers and most courteous lawyers I have ever met. My case was not the biggest but he researched and worked hard for me and I feel if I am ever in need of a lawyer, he would be my first call. So if you are not using Stone then you both losing

By: Gill on Stone Law Firm

Unbelievable lawyer!

I was absolutely amazed at the outcome of the hearing. Local judge dismissed the charges. Of course the prosecutor not being satisfied with the outcome pushed my case to the grand jury. Of course the old saying “you can indict a ham sandwich with a grand jury” is very true. That having been said, the grand jury should be outlawed. It is a farce. However, I did not hesitate to hire Mr. Stone to represent me on my jury trial. I am certain that he will handle this with the same professionalism. I strongly believe that I will have a positive outcome with a jury of my peers.

By: John on Stone Law Firm

DUI Defense

I put myself in a situation that, to me, seemed completely hopeless and I was certain I was going to lose my freedom for a good stretch of time. If it had not been for Wesley Stone, that would have been certain. Mr. Stone was extremely professional, hard-working, communicative, and understanding of my situation. He always kept me informed and did everything in his legal power to best represent me in my case. I owe not only my peace of mind to Mr. Stone, but also my freedom. Forever indebted to this man.

By: Debby on Stone Law Firm

Outstanding, highly recommend Mr Wesley Stone

Mr Stone is an outstanding, caring and knowledgeable lawyer. Never having had any legal problems,he quickly got all my information and record by the time I got to his office, the same day that I called for appt. he was so efficient, gave all options good and bad. Came up with a plan of action and got to work. Long story short, the outcome was far and above what i expected. He gave me back my dignity and faith in my fellow man. If ever the need arises for anyone in need of great legal help I ask that you would consider Mr Stone. He has my gratitude for a job very well done.

By: Linda on Stone Law Firm

So grateful!

I can not sing Wesley’s praises high enough! I had always tried my best to be a respectful, law abiding citizen. But one day I found myself with an arrest for a class E felony! I was embarrassed, humiliated but most of all really scared! A friend of a friend recommended Wesley. From the very beginning he was professional, very knowledgeable and specific. But most importantly he put me at ease. He took all my cares and worries from me, assuring me he would not quit until everything was made right! I slept for the first time that night.
Wesley always had time for me. He answered every phone call or text. And he was clear and patient with me, always explaining every step along the way.
On the day of sessions court, he met me with the statement “I will NOT settled for anything less than your charges dropped!” He was prepared THAT DAY to go all the way to a jury trial if needed. He knew his way around the court proceedings and I could see the respect the Assistant
DA had for him. He not only got all charges dropped and my confiscated item returned, but my record was expunged the very same day!
Wesley knows what he is doing and he does it very well! I will always be grateful to God and to my friend for finding a great lawyer for me! I not only had complete satisfaction, but I feel like I gained a friend. Thank you Wesley. I will always be grateful!

By: Andrew on Stone Law Firm

Former client of Wesley Stone

Upon receiving notice that I would have to appear in court for my first offense I was very nervous. I contacted Mr. Stone for assistance to see what could be done to resolve my dilemma, and Mr. Stone had a plan from the minute I informed him of my case. He was extremely well prepared; he told me exactly what needed to be done as soon as I told him and by the time my court date had arrived he came through completely. He managed to get all of my charges dismissed and I was free to go. I honestly had to put minimal effort into my hearing thanks to Mr. Stone. I recommend him 100% for any legal troubles!

By: Ronnie on Stone Law Firm

Great lawyer

Mr. Stone did a great job for me. He kept me well informed. He returned all my calls promptly. He handled my case well and did everything he said he could and would do. I will recommend anyone in need of this type of services to him in the future. I would like to thank him and his staff for helping me.

By: Alex on Stone Law Firm

saved from stupidity

I made a serious mistake that could have cost me a bundle in time, money and reputation. Wes was efficient, responsible, professional and reasonable. I could not have asked for more.