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Work With A Knoxville Drug Crime Defense Lawyer Who Will Fight For Your Future

In Tennessee, the consequences of a drug conviction can be severe. It can impact your freedom, reputation, education, job prospects and future.

I’m Wesley Stone, a Knoxville-based drug crime defense attorney, and I’ve dedicated over two decades of my career to defending individuals just like you. As a Tennessee native, I’m not just familiar with the state; I’m part of the community I serve. My longstanding roots in the area give me a unique perspective on the criminal defense strategies that work here.

What To Know About Drug Charges

Drug charges range from minor offenses to serious federal crimes. As law enforcement continues to crack down on drug-related activities, particularly those involving opiates, it’s crucial to have a defense attorney who can handle the pressure.

Here are some common charges I deal with:

  • Simple possession of controlled substances
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Drug trafficking and conspiracy
  • Manufacturing and cultivation

I’m deeply familiar with the elements of every drug offense, including serious federal charges.

College Students Facing Drug Charges

I dedicate a significant portion of my practice to defending college students facing drug charges. I understand that the stakes are high for young adults who have their whole lives ahead of them. A conviction could derail their education, career aspirations and countless other opportunities.

I’ve spoken to students at the University of Tennessee about the legal ramifications of these charges. Rest assured, I am determined to protect your student’s rights and their future.

Dedicated To Your Freedom And Future

As a drug crime attorney in Tennessee, my approach is to proactively protect you with a tailored strategy. Whether it’s fighting for a dismissal, negotiating for reduced charges, or representing you at trial or on appeal, I am here to stand by your side.

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