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Appellate Court Litigation in Knoxville

Different from trial courts, appellate courts review documentation related to the proceedings of a trial court to determine if laws were applied correctly and rulings were fair. Following a criminal or civil case, a person who feels that a ruling was unfair can hire an appellate lawyer to appeal to a higher court.

How I Can Help You With Your Appeal

I am experienced with appellate court litigation in civil and criminal cases. I have resources at our disposal to conduct legal research that can help with the appeal of your case. After conducting all pertinent research, I can develop a compelling basis for your appeal and present your grievances professionally through top-quality legal writing. My goal is to help you win your appeal.

Civil And Criminal Case Appeals I Handle:

  • Draft appellate documents
  • Write legal briefs for your case
  • When called for, give oral arguments
  • Meet all deadlines related to the process

Appellate Court Litigation Considerations

It takes considerable legal research and specialized knowledge to appeal to the United States courts of appeals, also known as circuit courts. An appellate lawyer must fully understand the appeals process and have experience working with state and federal courts. An appellate attorney needs to be able to:

  • Work with a cold record
  • Review trial records
  • Understand facts developed in the trial court
  • Possess a firm grasp of the different levels of the appeals process
  • Research and analyze current case law
  • Know what additional actions can be taken if a party loses an appeal
  • Advocate for you in writing and in person

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